Hi, my name’s Dave Alder, an indie video games developer, and DAiv Games encompasses the video games that I’ve created.

At present, I’m just focusing on iOS, so look out for my games on Apple’s AppStore.

Why does DAiv have a capital ‘A’ in it?

Well, ‘DAiv’ sounds like ‘Dave’ and by incorporating my initals ‘DA’, it takes away any ambiguity when anyone writes about me when there are other Daves about.

Okay, but why does it have ‘iv’ at the end and not ‘ve’?

That’s because not everyone captialises the name properly, so DAve would just become plain old Dave, but DAiv would become Daiv, and that at least is less common.

Is ‘DAiv’ also an acronym for something?

Hmm, it could be…

How about ‘DAiv Alder indie videogames’?

It even includes the customary recursion. 🙂




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