Gravity Bowl

Gravity Bowl


Aliens have trapped planet Earth inside a gravity well and surrounded it with electrified targets!

However, they only have enough resources to replenish the targets for 72 rounds.

The Earth is protected by a coloured energy shield which can dislodge a target of the same colour if it is struck with some force. It also has a Gravity Booster which can temporarily increase the force of gravity.

So, slingshot the Earth onto a target of the same colour to remove it from the edge of the well. Remove all targets to clear the round, and clear all rounds to free the Earth!

Start as an Aspiring Bowler and use your skill and timing to ultimately become a Legendary Sniper!

  • 1-touch gameplay
  • 2 game modes
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Physics-based gravitational simulation
  • Rotating gravity well
  • Static / Rotating / Double-up targets…
  • Progressive unlocks
  • Game Center

Gravity Bowl will be coming to the AppStore soon!


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